If it's web, we do it!

We've all had the experience. You hire a freelancer or an agency to build a site or application for you, and they just don't seem to 'get' what you are aiming for.

Tallosoft exists to help fight these experiences, and to limit the number of people that will encounter them in the future, one client at a time. We are a custom development firm specializing in partnering with clients who have limited, or no, in house technical expertise in the web. Whether it's site design, custom application development, analytics, or some other web-related topic, we have the expertise and experience to help you devise a strategy, implement the software necessary to support it, and to refine the finished product until it matches your needs perfectly. Bespoke software is our passion, so you will seldom find us pushing one-size-fits-all off the shelf software, and instead, will find our focus on either adapting an existing technology to fit your needs, or designing something specialized from the ground up.

Partnering is our collaborative keystone.

If you have all the answers, and simply need someone to implement what you have planned out, then there are more cost effective channels to reach that goal. We want to partner with our clients, and bring our considerable expertise to the conversation in a way that will help ensure the best solution is what you get. By partnering, we build long lasting relationships with our clients that extend well pas our intial projects. We get to know your business, and your struggles. We help you find ways to apply technology to solve those struggles. Partnering also means that we will never just toss your project over the wall, and never be heard from again. We stand by the solutions we design and implement, and the process of releasing a new product involves a ton of collaboration between your team, and our own, making sure every little detail is JUST right.


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